Some customer sites may be redeployed due to issues with Let’s Encrypt certificates

03 Mar 2020

Early on March 3, 2020, Let’s Encrypt announced the discovery of a bug in their certificate authority code. As a result, they will be revoking a number of certificates on March 4th, starting at 00:00 UTC. Since provides customers with automated TLS certificates via the Let’s Encrypt service, that action has a potential downstream effect on some of our customers. As a result, will be regenerating certificates for those environments that will be affected by the Let’s Encrypt bug.

We will be identifying affected projects hosted on and triggering a rolling redeploy on them over the next 24 hours. If your project is affected and you are using one of our auto-issued certificates, you will see a brief, momentary outage typical of a redeploy when that happens. If you are not affected, there will be no impact on you. In either case, you do not need to do anything yourself.

If you provided your own certificate for your production site that was issued by Let’s Encrypt, you may need to regenerate it and provide a new certificate yourself. Let’s Encrypt has provided a tool to help determine if your certificate is affected.

For updates on this or any other maintenance issue, please follow our Status Page.