Connecting with the community at DrupalCon Global

Kathryn Frazer
Kathryn Frazer
Events Manager
24 Jul 2020

We’re proud to have been sponsors of Drupal’s online event, DrupalCon Global, this July. Supporting the Drupal community is a vital part of the mission. Although we could not meet with Drupalers in person this year, we enjoyed connecting virtually with the community, speaking about our new Lando partnership and demonstrating features at our booth.

Partnering with Lando

During the event, we shared that and Lando are joining forces to synchronize development work between local environments and the cloud. This synchronization will give developers a bulletproof toolchain that extends from their laptops to the cloud and back, covering all the web projects in their fleet. If you’d like to receive updates about our partnership with Lando, sign up here.

Booth Demos

Chad Carlson, our DevRel Technical Writer, ran two demos at our booth.

Automate your Composer updates with Source Operations and Activity Scripts

On, you can deploy your Drupal projects complete with a set of customized Source Operations that will automatically check for and apply updates to a development environment using Composer. Then you can use Activity Scripts to set up alerts that will let you know when those updates are ready to review and merge into production. View Chad’s presentation here.

Build a multi-app headless CMS with live preview during development using Drupal, Gatsby, and

Drupal and Gatsby can be deployed together on a single multi-app project on Check out Chad’s presentation to learn more about the basics of Gatsby, how Drupal’s API interacts with Gatsby, and how to enable Gatsby’s Live Preview feature. You can find the Gatsby-Drupal template here.

We hope to virtually meet you at an event soon. To see where we’re appearing next, view our events calendar.