6,000+ applications, multiple content management systems, one platform

Chris Yates
VP of Marketing
29 Jul 2019

Today we announced the expansion of our relationship with Orange—one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies—to include a new project, Orange Cloud for Business Flexible Web Publisher. That’s a long name, but the idea behind it is simple.

The solution is built on top of Platform.sh for website fleet management, which gives you access to an out-of-the-box cloud platform that supports provisioning and updating everything from PHP content mangement and ecommerce solutions to enterprise Java apps, Node.js apps, and static site generators. Platform.sh partners and customers can focus on business agility instead of the underlying infrastructure.

Orange Cloud for Business customers get the power of a modern, container-based developer experience to build and run their websites—with the CMS they choose, like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop—with the support of Orange, a brand they trust.

For Orange, Platform.sh provides a platform to provision and manage thousands of web apps for their customers, integrated with the Orange Cloud for Business brand and management tools, making it easy to onboard new customers—and scale current ones, as needed.

You can read more in our press release about Flexible Web Publisher here. Or connect with the Platform.sh team to find out more about our approach to website fleet management and how we help organizations scale.