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Cover image

App management for Orange Business Services’ SMB customers

29 July, 2019

As result of the partnership, Orange Business Services’ thousands of SMB customers (including hotels, craftsmen, consulting, health providers) and hundreds of web agency partners will benefit from simplified site management, a superior developer experience, and improved total cost of ownership for their digital presence.

Paris, July 29, 2019 – Platform.sh, the Idea-to-Cloud Application Platform that simplifies could infrastructure, today announced an extension to the company’s partnership with Orange Cloud for Business through a significant, new contract to migrate and manage more than 6,000 WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, and Drupal sites onto the Platform.sh Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The partnership aims to streamline the current web hosting offering, which supports thousands of subscribers using websites on a shared hosting infrastructure, the majority of which will be upgraded to full, standalone projects on the Platform.sh PaaS.

“Our primary goal is to help enterprises leverage the power of the cloud to deliver a stellar customer experience,” said Orange Cloud for Business CEO Stefan Kanis. “With this new offering, our customers can utilize advanced PaaS functionality to boost developer productivity and deliver business-critical apps and services at scale—all of this on a local cloud and at a lower overall cost. As a result, our customers can increase revenue while achieving core business objectives, including accelerating their digital transformation initiatives.”

This significant new contract comes three years after the companies announced Platform.sh availability on Orange Business Services’ public cloud. This new step enables Orange to relaunch its Flexible Web Publisher offering as an advanced, container-based ‘CMS as a Service’ (CMSaaS).

Platform.sh provides Orange with governance and management tools for their growing fleet of customer websites and applications within a single platform, entirely managed and secure. The Platform.sh solution includes automated updates of the CMS software, automated backups, a unique instant-cloning system for testing application changes, and the ability to integrate with the Orange Flexible Web Publisher product to provide customers with a seamless user experience.

“We’re very pleased to extend the scope of the partnership with Orange Business Services’ Cloud entity. For three years, our teams have worked effectively together, and this new project is getting some very strong traction in the enterprise market. It will also allow us to help smaller businesses benefit from the huge productivity and performance improvements, and the significant cost savings Platform.sh provides” said Fred Plais, Platform.sh CEO and co-founder. “From now on, Platform.sh will support Orange on both sides of the spectrum—from SMBs to large enterprises.”

Find out more about Platform.sh for Orange Business Services: https://cloud.orange-business.com/hebergement-web/

Connect with us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/platformsh/

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/platformsh

About Platform.sh

Platform.sh enables teams to develop and deliver web applications at scale, with an end-to-end Platform-as-a-Service. With Platform.sh, organizations can focus 100 percent of their time on building amazing experiences–and zero time managing infrastructure. With headquarters in San Francisco and Paris, Platform.sh serves more than 5,000 clients and their 65,000+ developers worldwide. Customers like Unity, The Economist, Kaplan, CFL, Reiss, Pinterest, and The British Council rely on Platform.sh to launch, scale, and manage their fleets of websites and applications.

Press contact: EZPR

Ed Zitron ed@ezpr.com +1 (347) 844-2149

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Proudly announcing Platform.sh's participation in the Data Privacy Framework (DPF)

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