Now you can save time in a database

Larry Garfield
Documentation Director
27 Mar 2017

(With due apologies to Jim Croce.)

Our efforts to expand the power and capability of users of continues! The latest addition to our services suite is Influx DB 1.2. Influx DB is a time-series database well suited to recording large volumes of data over time. That makes it a good choice for high-volume logging, data collection, and metrics.

In fact, we are planning to use it ourselves for that last point. Stay tuned…

How can you use it? Same as any other service, really. Add the following to your  services.yaml  file:

    type: influxdb:1.2
    disk: 1024

And on next deploy you have an InfluxDB service running, named  influx , with 1 GB of space reserved for it. (Add gigs as needed…)

Have a look at our documentation for more, and at the InfluxDB documentation for what cool things you can do with it. (And let us know what you do with it! We’re always curious to see what neat things our customers come up with.)