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The next-generation Continuous Deployment web hosting cloud is coming to Australia

October 26, 2016
Christopher Skene
Christopher Skene
Regional Business Development Manager Asia Pacific

Sydney, Australia. Paris, France. 27 October, 2016 – In response to growing demand, Platform.sh, the high-availability cloud hosting platform that is fast and simple to use, is heading Down Under with the announcement of a new public cloud region for their self-service, NoOps hosting stack for PHP, NodeJS, Python and Ruby. The new cloud region will be coming to Australia in the first quarter of 2017.

Platform.sh is a web hosting platform that radically enhances your development to production cycle. As a second generation PaaS it enables continuous delivery workflows and faster time to market. Platform.sh is the only container powered Platform-as-a-Service with multi-service and multi-application support.

Platform.sh CEO Frédric Plais is enthusiastic about the possibilities for Platform.sh in the Asia-Pacific,

“Australia is a very sophisticated technical market which we’ve long recognised as a critical part of Platform.sh’s continued growth, and a key part of our investment in the Asia-Pacific in general. We’re really excited to be bringing Platform.sh’s unique capabilities to this region.”

Platform.sh can replicate a live production cluster in seconds and create on-the-fly throwaway dev and staging environments that are byte-level clones. Every git branch has a url: a live running web site, making human testing and validation up to 90% faster. Every feature can be tested in isolation and in parallel – like agile is supposed to be – removing all QA bottlenecks. This allows exponentially shorter development to production cycles.

tags: - drupal - php

  • python
  • ruby
  • node.js

“Platform.sh already offers the ability to deploy Enterprise customers to 11 Azure and 14 AWS data centers across Asia, providing good coverage for Enterprise clients in Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, and Australia, but this is the first public, self-service region we’re launching outside of the US or EU for our smaller customers,”

said Vice-President for Customer Success Robert Douglass:

“Our international customers are seeing productivity improvements in orders of magnitude with the flow-on cost savings that brings, and it’s great to be able to bring that to Australia.”

Platform.sh has had a human face in the region for a while now, in the form of long-time Drupal advocate and open source champion Christopher Skene:

“I’m really excited to be bringing this game-changing technology to Australia. Platform.sh does things no other hosting platform can do. There’s nothing like it in the Asia-Pacific market. This new region will really open up this technology to a huge range of Australian business who don’t require the full power of an Enterprise stack, but still want the benefits of Platform.sh’s cost-saving workflow and next-generation deployment tools.”

And there’s no need to wait. Developers can start building using the Development tier on US or EU regions now, ready for launching in 2017. Skene added:

“Migrating a development project between regions takes less than 15 minutes. You can get started with our free trial on the US region today and be guaranteed that the Australian region will be 100% consistent when it launches. That’s the beauty of Platform.sh.”

About Platform.sh Platform.sh is a continuous deployment cloud hosting solution that can scale applications from the smallest project to ones handling millions of visitors. It is ideal for agile software teams because of its unique feature: it can replicate a live production cluster in seconds and create byte-level clones of throwaway dev and staging environments, which makes testing and validation up to 7 times faster, that’s weeks to days, and in some cases days to hours.

We can provide 99.99% SLAs thanks to our 24/7 follow-the-sun support combined with a unique, triple-redundant architecture that’s based on a high density grid of Linux micro-containers.

Headquartered in Paris, France, with employees across five continents, the company serves thousands of clients worldwide, including Vivienne Westwood, The Canadian Football League, The British Council, Flixbus, and El Universo.

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