Continuous Deployment - Now with Python and Ruby support!

Larry Garfield
Director of Developer Experience
23 Sep 2016

It’s easy to mistake for a PHP host. After all, we provide hosting, and most of our customers run a PHP-based application, most often Drupal. What offers, though, is not unique to Drupal, nor is it unique to PHP. Continuous deployment is a practice whose benefits are not limited to any one ecosystem or language.

And we’re happy to announce that our continuous deployment Platform-as-a-Service is now available to Ruby and Python developers, as well.

When defining an application container with, you can pick any of our available platforms and versions with just a line in a config file. For instance:

type: 'php:7.0'

We already support multiple versions of PHP, HHVM, and Node.js.
We’re now adding Python (both 2.7 and 3.5) and Ruby 2.3 to that list, as beta releases. We’re pretty confident in them, but there are a few edge case bits we want to stress test a bit before declaring them gold. Once we have a few customers running with them in production we’ll remove the beta label.

Try them out today:

type: 'python:3.5'

type: 'ruby:2.3'

We have a few sample projects available to review and base your projects on. That includes both generic configuration for Python (multiple options) and a sample Django project, as well as starter kits for both Ruby on Rails and Sinatra for the Ruby folks.

And of course all of our services are available just as they are to any other language environment, and you’re free to mix-and-match our new languages as well as the old ones in a multi-app environment if that works for you. Or not. Your choice.

Once you try a smooth continuous deployment toolchain you never want to go back. So give continuous Python and continuous Ruby a try. We think you’ll like it.