UI version 2.12 released

Manauwar Alam
18 Jul 2016

After only two weeks since our latest UI update we have just deployed a new UI one!

As you know, we are always trying to improve user experience based on your feedbacks.

In this release, you can see a lot of new options for improving the configuration of your applications:

  • Easier project setup
  • Better domain name validation
  • SSH key reminder
  • Improved environment limit help
  • Improved environment naming
  • Clearer user management

Easier project setup

More details have been added to the project setup.

It’s now easier to import your existing application or website. The wizard now clearly explains the different configuration files you need to add to configure your applications, services and incoming URLs.

Application Setup

Better domain name validation

You can now add ‘naked’ domains directly instead of forcing the  www.  subdomain.

Customized Domain Name

SSH key reminder

We have highlighted the “Add SSH key” step so that you won’t forget it anymore. :)

Add SSH Keys

Improved environment limit help

We have also improved instructions such as how to add more environments if you have reached the limit.

You can disable environments which are no longer needed, from their settings page.

Environment Limits

Improved environment naming

Creating as many environments for development and testing as you need is a key feature of Platform.sh.

That’s why we have improved the environment creation process by checking existing branch names, and adding autofocus on the input field…

Environment Naming

Clearer user management

Adding a user to an environment requires a rebuild. We have made this clearer for the project administrators.

Add Users