The one and only Director of Runtimes and Integrations

Lyly Lepinay
Head of Digital Marketing
02 May 2016

One of the deeply rewarding aspects of working within thriving open source communities is collaborating with exceptional people: individuals who excel in technology; individuals who rise above the fold with their energy, selflessness, and ability to contribute; individuals who strive to be exemplary human beings and live by the highest ideals and standards. Sometimes, you even get the chance to bring one of these individuals into the company where you work, and those are truly good days.

Today, we’re pleased to welcome Larry Garfield, our new Director of Runtimes, Integrations, and Services. Larry joins us after his lengthy tenure at, as well as leading the WSCCI Initiative for Drupal 8. His job here is to “make hosting Open Source projects with stupid easy”, a task which will draw on his extensive experience with multiple open source projects.

Why is Larry a perfect fit for

Larry has always been a big thinker, and is deeply committed to the long term success of the projects he works on. As a member of the PHP community, he has regularly made efforts to encourage the adoption of winning and beneficial technologies. As Drupalist, he was instrumental in the shaping of Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. As a member of the Drupal Association, he led the initial efforts to make sure that contributing to Drupal was done with a legally sound framework, and that Drupal was doing the right thing with its licensing and intellectual property.

Larry, like, has deep roots in the Drupal world, and just as we have expanded beyond that (admittedly awesome) origin, we’re now turning to Larry to help us become the ideal continuous delivery application hosting platform for an even wider and more encompassing set of open source technologies.

Connect with Larry

If you’ve got any questions for Larry, you can follow him on Twitter.

Otherwise, make sure to pop by our booth at DrupalCon New Orleans to say hi.