Symfony founder Fabien Potencier names Killer App

Andrew Melck
Andrew Melck
Alliance Director
28 Oct 2015
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Fabien Potencier, CEO of Sensio Labs

Symfony founder Fabien Potencier names “Killer App”

Symfony founder and SensioLabs CEO Fabien Potencier took time in a recent interview on the topic of PHP 7 to single out as a “Killer App” that unifies production hosting with a development and deployment workflow.

Speaking to the prominent French online portal Journal du Net, Fabien discussed microservices, the PHP7/HHVM clash, and the growing ecosystem of software projects that use Symfony as their basis, including Drupal 8, EZ Publish, Laravel and phpBB.

The full quote reads:

We have dedicated significant resources to ensure the [Symfony] framework runs smoothly on Salesforce’s Heroku and Commerce Guys’ We’re also working with the latter to integrate Blackfire into their stack. By the way,’s approach is very attractive. In my opinion it’s something of a killer application. It allows one to benefit from a production hosting solution integrated with a development and deployment workflow.

You can read the full interview (in French) on the Journal du net website.

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