CLI version 1.2 released

Patrick Dawkins
Patrick Dawkins
Product Engineer
29 Oct 2014
Drupal 9

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We are proud to announce the latest release of the CLI.

To install or upgrade, you can use Composer:

composer global require 'platformsh/cli:1.*'

New features in the latest release (version 1.2.2) include:

  • Toolstack-based detection and building: this means that both Symfony and Drupal projects can now be built locally in the same way they are built
  • A much more colorful interface: the commands in  platform list  are color-coded according to whether they run locally or require a connection.
  • There is a new  platform url  command, which gets the public URL to your environment and opens it in your browser.
  • All of the more risky commands now have confirm steps to protect against accidents.
  • The frequently used  platform checkout  command has been improved, for a faster experience.
  • Drupal users will benefit from a new  platform drush-aliases  command, which lets you see your project’s Drush aliases. It also lets you customize the alias group name - if you type:

    <p><code>platform drush-aliases -g myproject </code></p>
    <p>you will then have aliases such as&nbsp; <code>@myproject.master </code>&nbsp;instead of <code>@l0ngpr0j3ct1d.master </code>.</p>

The release also includes a host of bug fixes, performance and stability improvements.

About the CLI

The CLI (command-line interface) is an easy and fast tool which helps you manage your Platform.sh_ projects from the command line. You can use it to administer projects and environments, and to help you build projects locally for development.

It is based on the Symfony Console Component, a flexible and widely used library for building PHP command-line applications. Naturally, it also relies on Git.

For more information (and to file issues) see the public GitHub repository.