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FleetOps: for success at scale

Hosted by

Chris Yates
Chris Yates
VP of Marketing

Public-facing sites and applications have proliferated across organizations, from global CPG and life-sciences companies to colleges and universities, agencies, and software companies. These applications range from critical anchor properties—like corporate or brand .coms and .edus—to campaign microsites with limited lifespans and department or project sites that proliferate at universities.

To put it bluntly, you’ve got the task of making potentially thousands of different applications all run properly, all the time. Simple, right?

That’s why you need to start thinking about FleetOps—running a fleet of hundreds (or thousands) of websites and applications across your organization: securely, with predictable costs, and across different teams and departments throughout an organization.

You'll learn
  • How organizations of all sizes are facing the challenge of managing fleets of websites and applications
  • Why technology platforms matter for marketers and communicators
  • How marketers can leverage product and engineering workflow best practices to move faster and more predictably
  • What FleetOps means for speed to market, reliability, predictability, and flexibility
  • How a FleetOps strategy and selection of the right tools helps organizations deal with uncertainty
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Focus on speed and performance for your next website relaunch

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