Ibexa + Platform.sh: building a next-gen B2B digital experience platform


July, 2020

Hosted by

Kieron Sambrook-Smith
Chief Commercial Officer

After twenty years as a successful web content management vendor, eZ Systems recently announced a new name—Ibexa—and a new focus, creating a digital experience platform for business.

Through these changes, the company’s partnership with Platform.sh has remained steady and essential. Together Ibexa and Platform.sh are unlocking new levels of business value and developing new strategies for delivering features and capabilities to customers through the cloud.

Join Roland Benedetti, SVP of Strategy at Ibexa, and Kieron Sambrook-Smith, CCO at Platform.sh, as they share these strategies and discuss the challenges the two companies have collaborated to overcome as Ibexa builds their digital experience platform for business worldwide.

Listen in as Roland and Kieron discuss how:

  • Ibexa has evolved their business to build the leading digital experience platform for Europe
  • Ibexa is leveraging the cloud to generate big new revenue and increase company value
  • Ibexa’s partnership with Platform.sh has enabled them to deliver features and capabilities their customers want, without building them from scratch
Guest Speaker

Roland Benedetti, SVP of Strategy at Ibexa, CCO at Platform.sh

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