How a customer-centric digital marketing platform saves Mentos millions


October 2020

Hosted by

Aaron Porter
Aaron Porter
VP, Partner Program

Description: When world-renowned brand Mentos connected with agency Burst, its marketers managed 100+ websites at the local level. By developing a flexible, centralized, global digital marketing platform, Burst saved Mentos millions of dollars per year, restored marketing team creativity, increased agility, and established a holistic governance model.

You will hear:

  • What is an effective customer-centric digital marketing platform in 2020
  • How to create a balance between flexibility on the local level and global synergies
  • How to establish a knowledge-sharing culture within a global organization
  • How a scalable digital marketing platform based on a Platform-as-a-Service can free developers and marketers to focus on digital experience and marketing initiatives, rather than infrastructure and process

Guest speakers

  • Hans Maltha, Founder and CEO at Burst