Enteprise grade Laravel hosting

Laravel is one of the fastest growing PHP frameworks. Built for PHP 7.x with an elegant command-line driven workflow, it's the perfect match for Platform.sh.

Multiapp and microservices

Git-driven, built for microservices
Git-driven, built for microservices

Check in your Laravel app, and bring along its friends ReactJS, Angular, Python, and more. Merge to master and you're running and scaling in production.

Instant clones for every branch
Instant clones for every branch

Do away with staging bottlenecks. Now every git branch gets a perfect byte-for-byte replica of prod, data included, in seconds.

Batteries included
Batteries included

Services from Redis to MongoDB to Elasticsearch are available with a few lines of YAML. No add-ons or management required.


Modern PHP Dev and Ops Field Guide

Adopt DevOps current best practices


Modern hosting for modern PHP

From day one we've supported PHP 7.0 , PHP 5.x, and best of breed PHP tooling, integrated Composer support. You can run PHP 7.1 ZTS with the Pthreads extension for fully threaded workers. Or the ext/event extension for high-performance, asynchronous PHP (with support for ReactPHP and AmPHP).


The greatest toolbox for PHP developers


Our main API is Git. You can do most operations by just pushing code or a config file. Then watching your cluster configure itself automatically.

Command line

Manage your projects directly from within your terminal. Anything you can do in the Platform.sh UI, you can do in your terminal with our CLI.


With built-in Composer support, no need to check in your vendor directory. Just push your composer.json to us and we'll handle it, just as it should be.

Run your greatest-ever Laravel apps

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