All the benefits of the most productive Platform as a Service with an Enterprise Grade service contract and true high-availability features.

Automated triple redundancy of everything and zero downtime scaling up to hundreds of CPUs. Deployment to anywhere on earth over multiple cloud providers. With strong data-protection and privacy guarantees.

Experts and Visionaries Love Platform.sh

Platform.sh’s approach is very attractive. In my opinion it’s something of a killer application. It allows one to benefit from a production hosting solution integrated with a development and deployment workflow.
Fabian Potencier, Symfony creator on Platform.sh
We evaluated many PaaS providers for Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, but Platform.sh was the obvious choice for us given their focus on the PHP community, background in eCommerce and the innovative continuous cloud integration tools provided by their PaaS.
Peter Sheldon
Our code deployment processes for our Production clients on Platform.sh have been extremely easy and efficient.
Chris Rooney