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White Papers and Case Studies

Please fill-in the form below to get full unrestricted access to all documents, or just click on the download links under each document. gives the Enterprise serious business advantage - this page offers you real-world case studies and references with hard numbers to see just how much using can transform your business

Introduction to

Summary of business and technical value that provides an organisation ; business & technical management [en] [fr] [de] [es] [it]  [2 pages] 

Modernising Drupal Multi-site Implementations

Drupal multi-site is easily re-architected to run each site in its own containerised environment. It’s better and it costs less! ; business & technical management [en]  [5 pages] 

Savings being made by Agencies and Enterprise

A White Paper covering 9 areas in which is making up to $400k annual savings for agencies and customers with 8-90 developers, including ; business & technical management ; Restricted Access, please fill-in the form below  [11 pages] 

Development Process Regime Change

Details the transforming impact has in the development process ; developers, systems administrators & project managers [en]  [6 pages] 

Unlocking Agile

How underpins and accelerates the Agile approach ; lead developers, project managers & management [en] [fr] [es]  [2 pages] 

eCommerce Game Changer

The key benefits to eCommerce, and the competitive advantage customers immediately gain ; business & technical management [en] [es]  [3 pages] 

Migrating your web estate

Why customers make the decision for so quickly, and complete site migrations in days ; business & technical management [en] [fr] [es]  [3 pages] 

Agency Program - why you would want to join

Summary benefits for you and your customers ; business & technical management [en]  [2 pages] 

Data Sheet

Short technical summary of ; technical community [en]  [2 pages] 

SaaS/Cloud Vendors: Reach Further with

How to gain value and turn your competitive landscape upside down with ; project managers & management [en]  [4 pages] 

Reiss Testimonial

Global retailer Reiss elevates eCommerce to new heights with [en]  [4 pages] 

Bettracks Testimonial

Zero to 400 users in less than 10 seconds [en]  [2 pages] 

Slimtrader Testimonial

Why we chose so quickly [en]  [2 pages] 

Wauwaa Testimonial

How we made 38% project lifecycle savings [en]  [3 pages] 

British Council Testimonial

How we managed a 130 country multi-site migration to a dedicated PaaS region in 3 months [en]  [6 pages] 

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