How do I onboard new developers to my team?


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Every user has a role which controls access and improves security on your project. Different roles are authorized to do different things with your applications, environments and users.

As your team grows, it's easy to on-board new team members, complete with designated roles and environment access.

We can start with a fairly common branch structure for our project. We have our production site on the master branch, as well as a primary staging environment where changes sit for final pre-merge review. Off of the staging environment, there are also three additional development environments, each with some new feature currently being worked on.

Adding team member Rachel as a project administrator gives her full ability to grant access to other developers across the whole project. Here the current project owner Robert goes to his project settings under the Access tab in his management console. After entering the e-mail Rachel has associated with her account, instead of limiting her access to a single environment, he checks the project admin option.

She can make developer Jorge an administrator on the web-agency-team branch.

Which then gives Jorge the ability to add the rest of his team to that branch, as well as any child branch made from it. Here we can see Jorge creating two environments for each of the developers on the Web Agency team he wants them to work on.

Those changes result in this new project branch structure, where Jorge's team is isolated to the very bottom branches.

You have control over which developers can collaborate on which environments, and on-boarding a new developer only requires that they add their SSH keys to the management console.

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