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Notes is a second-generation Platform-as-a-Service built especially for continuous deployment. gives you the power you need to develop and deliver your greatest ever applications.

Because today, your application isn't just code. It's the coordination of its infrastructure, its data, and all of the developers and contributors that make it run.

All of these factors fall under DevOps, and makes managing DevOps as easy as managing code, making development teams up to 40% more efficient.

But how does it all work? Our configuration allows you to drop in your application, with no need to re-architecture. Add a YAML file to your repository to define your application's runtime, start command, and its build and deploy process.

Add another services.yaml file that defines which of our managed services you app depends on, such as a MySQL database, which can be defined in only a few lines of code.

You can integrate existing workflows and mirror your repository on GitHub, triggering deployments with every pull request. The CLI can get your code migrated with a single command.

With your branches tied to environments, every branch is an exact clone of all of your production data and infrastructure.

You can scale your application up or down on a new live environment, run your tests, and merge - allowing you to increase resources at any time to meet demand.

With clear configuration and dedicated isolated environments for every change to your application, you can onboard developers more quickly, and everyone gets their own testing server.

Anytime you want to sync your development environments with up-to-date production data, all it takes is a single command.

No matter which region or cloud your project is on, or how many projects you manage.

Managing fleets of applications is as easy as managing one. So you can focus on scaling your business, instead of on your infrastructure.Just like Magento, Symfony, and Orange have, with

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