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Notes makes deploying applications simple, and we also provide a number of local development options that you can use when you're building new features for your projects.

Developing locally can allow you to test your ideas quickly before pushing remotely for team review.

Because your application may depend on a number of our managed services, your local development environment will need the same access to those services that a deployed environment would have.

You can use the CLI command platform tunnel:open to open an SSH tunnel to your services. This will allow your application that is running on a local web server to access them.

Once you export the PLATFORM_RELATIONSHIPS environment variable from your project, the local application will have the credentials it expects to interact with your services. Export a PORT variable, if your application requires one, and you'll be all set up to run locally using your remote services.

These hosted services are identical to those you would use in your environments, for as long you need them locally.

When you're all done and ready to push your new feature for review, close your tunnels with the CLI command platform tunnel:close.

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