Using Laravel with the CLI


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Laravel is an integrated, rapid-application-development framework written in PHP. makes it easy to start up a new Laravel project with a few commands from the CLI.

First, use the command platform create to quickly create a new project. The command will prompt you to configure the project for one of our regions with as much resources as you think you might need. The project will be created in just a few seconds, and the CLI will provide a project ID you can now use to interact with it.

You can then use the command platform environment:init to initialize that project within any public GitHub repository. Here, we are using our Laravel template, that already includes's three configuration files to deploy. So long as the repository contains configuration files, it will then build and deploy the site. First, will run through the build hook of the application's file, which defines its build process. Once completed, will validate domains for the environment, and issue new Let's Encrypt certificates for them if not present or if they will soon expire. Then the environment is created and deployed.

Once the project has finished initializing, use the command platform url to view the new site, which will open in a browser window.

Laravel has built and deployed on, and you're now ready to customize the site as you see fit.

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