How to scale your projects to meet demand


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Projects on are very easy to upsize and downsize to meet upcoming demands on your applications.

When Black Friday draws close, you might expect increased traffic that can help you prepare for.

Just visit the "Accounts" page in your management console.

Find the project for your site and click the three dots to edit the project.

In the plan settings for that project, simply pick a new plan size from the dropdown. Each new selection will update the list of resources that come with the new plan, so you know exactly how much resources will cover the traffic you expect.

Save the changes, and your site will redeploy in seconds, complete with all of that plan's resources.

When the sale is over, go right back to the same settings page from before and scale the plan back down to its previous size. Since plans are prorated, you only pay for the time you have used each plan.

You can even scale your projects up or down from the command line using the CLI, making the whole process as scriptable as you'd like it to be.

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