Pricing plan details

Static site fleet? Ecommerce powerhouse? Microservice masterpiece? has a range of plans to cover all of your organization's unique needs.

Plans Example application types Example traffic Guaranteed resources Price per plan
Development Development only, no production environments No production traffic No resource guarantees 0
Standard Drupal, WordPress, and JAMstack sites Roughly 500K pageviews/mo 0.96 vCPU / 0.8 GB RAM 0
Medium Small ecommerce sites, larger WordPress sites, microservices and multidatabase apps 500K+ pageviews/mo 2.09 vCPU / 3.1 GB RAM 0
Large Small Magento sites, larger Drupal sites 1M+ pageviews/mo 4.11 vCPU / 6.1 GB RAM 0
XL Larger ecommerce sites, memory-intensive applications 2M+ pageviews/mo 8.22 vCPU / 12.2 GB RAM 0
2XL Complex microservices applications 4M+ pageviews/mo 16.4vCPU / 24.5 GB RAM 0
Dedicated Massive or complex applications Contact us for details Up to 192 CPUs, 768 GB RAM 0

Enterprise and Elite tiers plans are billed annually.

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$10 per user

Adding users to your projects enables them to develop and collaborate as a team, with access control rules based on roles and projects.



$21/3 environments

Each environment is linked to a Git branch and contains a replica of your applications and data, so you can have as many works in progress as your team requires.



$2.50/5 GB storage

Add more storage to your plans at any time to accommodate growing databases and file systems.

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