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NodeJS Enterprise Grade Hosting

Javascript developers can now enjoy the same incredible features with fully managed backend services: from MongoDB and RabbitMQ to Elasticsearch, Postgres, MariaDB, Redis and others!

Automatically generated staging clusters for every pull request that contain a byte level copy of production data in 30 seconds.

No Add-ons required

When your application requires a search engine such as Solr or Elastic Search, a database such as MongoDB, PostgreSQL or MySQL, a cache like Redis, or a message queue like RabbitMQ, you don’t need to go and shop for another provider that might not propose the same SLA except at extra cost. And when you backup, you get a cluster-wide consistent snapshot of everything!

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Instant Staging Environments

On-the-fly cloning of production into staging clusters in less than a minute.

Testing each feature in perfect isolation on a live environment is how agile was always supposed to be.

Unlimited concurrent staging environments eliminates QA bottlenecks and allows for continuous deployments.

Redeploying on every branch creation is what guarantees deployments never fail.

Quick bug fixes and continuous security release resolution.

Multi-App and Micro-services

If you like to construct your application in a “micro-service” style, well, supports multiple applications for each cluster. You can deploy a cluster composed of two APIs and a front-end, with each application having its own infrastructure level dependencies. And you can even mix NodeJS and Ruby, Python or PHP applications as well as Jekyll style static front-ends, all in a single cluster – as simply as you would manage a monolithic app.

Fully automated operations

Just include the npm package and your application will get all the context it needs dynamically.

All operations on are fully automated. You can allow yourself to write the best code you can. We take care of running it. No sysadmin required. Batteries included.

Use the tools you love


NPM is the package manager used by modern nodejs applications. It allows you to declare the dependent libraries your project needs and will install them in your project for you.

Command line

Manage your projects directly from within your terminal. Anything you can do in the UI, you can do in your terminal with the CLI.


The main API of is Git. You can do most operations by just pushing code or a config file, and watching your cluster configure itself automatically.