Green Hosting & The Environment

A major impact on our customers, a minimal one on the environment

As we increase the productivity and efficiency of our customers’ workflows, remains dedicated to lessening the effects of our activity on the environment.

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The PaaS is always greener

As a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), we help our customers minimize the environmental impact of their applications by hosting them in the cloud. But there’s more to being green than simply providing cloud hosting.

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Reducing your footprint through greater efficiency

The carbon footprint of any workload is the result of the energy efficiency of the datacenter, the carbon mix of its primary energy sources, the actual workloads, and their orchestration on the underlying infrastructure. helps customers reduce carbon through improved operating models for their sites.

The difference is in the density is a highly dynamic container-based solution. Compared to running directly on generic cloud virtual machines, we can achieve unparalleled levels of density, while still guaranteeing resources to production and development environments.

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Virtual machines


higher density for production workloads


higher density for development environment

A pie chart showing that 73% of global carbon dioxide emissions come from energy, of which 2% is from the ICT sector.

Our providers are doing their part partners with infrastructure providers committed to improving their environmental footprints. As a multicloud provider, we offer our customers a choice of provider and region in which their workloads will run.

Ambitious goals get ambitious results

Our infrastructure providers have set ambitious goals for the next few decades. To meet them, they’re investing in green energy, like solar or wind farms.

By 2040, Amazon Web Services will produce net-zero carbon emissions and power 100% of its datacenters with renewable energy.

Google has been carbon neutral since 2007 and plans to operate on 24x7, carbon-free energy in all datacenters and campuses worldwide by 2030.

Carbon neutral since 2012, by 2025, Microsoft Azure will shift to 100% supply of renewable energy for its datacenters, buildings, and campuses.

OVHcloud plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025 and is working towards generating net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

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Here's how we're helping

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Working from home reduces emissions has a fully remote workforce. Virtually all of our 250+ employees work from home and never need to commute to an office.

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Cutting out the commute cuts pollution

By skipping the daily commute, our staff greatly reduces their impact on air pollution, traffic congestion, and public transportation overcrowding.

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Less office space means more energy savings

With no need to provide office space for a vast majority of our workforce, conserves the energy that would have been expended in heating, cooling, and lighting our business facilities.

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10x energy reduction through research

Our orchestrator R&D project limits the necessary computing resources of cloud applications in real time. The orchestrator places workloads as close as possible to customers and allows customers to dynamically migrate their workloads to the most energy efficient providers and regions.

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38% of CO2 emissions comes from the construction industry2

By enabling our employees to work from home, we lessen the intense demand for office space construction that has contributed to the rise in CO₂ emissions.

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More cooperation leads to more climate protection

We have committed our support to a number of high-impact environmental agreements and initiatives, including the Climate Act and One Tree Planted.