Spanning nationalities, countries and continents, the team brings together a remarkable and growing group of online and software industry professionals with a deep knowledge of and passion for all things web. Oh, and they're pretty nice people too.

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The folks making the magic happen

  • Sylvie Georgeault
    Sylvie Georgeault
  • alex
    Alex Madon
    Customer Success Engineer
  • Chris Wright,
    Chris Wright
    Cloud Engineer
  • ks
    KS Chan
    Customer Success Engineer
  • Balázs Galántai
    Balázs Galántai
    Cloud Operations Engineer
  • lucas-stil-platformsh-cloud-hosting
    Lucas Stil
    Solutions Architect
  • paul chabas platform sh
    Paul Chabas
    Engineer Intern
  • Ricardo Kirkner platform sh
    Ricardo Kirkner
    Cloud Engineer
  • Céline
    Céline Villet Boongo
    EU Office Manager
  • Larry Garfield
    Larry Garfield
    Documentation Director
  • Michal Cyprian platform sh
    Michal Cyprian
    Engineer Intern
  • Allison Simmons
    Allison Simmons
    Experience Design
  • michael
    Michael Garnier
    Regional Business Development Manager & Southern Europe
  • kal-mcfate-platformsh-cloud-hosting
    Kal McFate
    Customer Success Engineer
  • william
    William McInnis
    Magento Team Leader
  • Julien Salinas platform sh
    Julien Salinas
    Technical Account Manager
  • seve
    Sève Moalic
    Financial Controller
  • Lyly Lepinay
    Lyly Lepinay
    Head of Digital Marketing
  • alex-lustenberg-platformsh-cloud-hosting
    Alex Lustenberg
    Customer Success Engineer
  • Igor Stampfler
    Igor Stampfler
    Marketing Intern
  • Dan Milon
    Dan Milon
    Cloud Engineer
  • pawan
    Pawan Alwandi
    Cloud Operations Engineer
  • gauthier-garnier-platformsh-cloud-hosting
    Gauthier Garnier
    General Manager Canada
  • Erin Austin
    Erin Austin
    US People Ops & Admin
  • Nick Anderegg platform sh
    Nick Anderegg
    Technical Writer & Cloud Engineer
  • Christopher Skene
    Christopher Skene
    Regional Business Development Manager Asia Pacific
  • Duncan Naves
    Duncan Naves
    Partner Delivery Engineer
  • chris-davis-platformsh-cloud-hosting
    Chris Davis
    Customer Success Engineer
  • Branislav Bujisic
    Branislav Bujisic
    Product Engineer
  • Kieron Sambrook-Smith,
    Kieron Sambrook-Smith
  • steve
    Steve Holdoway
    Customer Success Engineer
  • Csaba Pardovicki
    Csaba Pardovicki
    Senior Cloud Operations Engineer
  • erik
    Erik Evrard
    Regional Business Development Manager Nordics & Benelux
  • doug
    Doug Goldberg
    VP Global Alliances
  • Royall Spence
    Royall Spence
    Solutions Architect
  • Simon Ruggier
    Simon Ruggier
    Cloud Engineer
  • Ivana Kotur,
    Ivana Kotur
    Compliance Coordinator
  • godfrey
    Godfrey Imudia
    Project Manager
  • Sawssen Bardaoui
    Sawssen Bardaoui
    Solutions Architect
  • Jean-François Caillard,
    Jean-François Caillard
    VP Finance and IS
  • celine
    Céline Méchain
    VP People Ops
  • maria-antinkaapo-platformsh-cloud-hosting
    Maria Antinkaapo
    Director Customer Care
  • Dan Snider
    Dan Snider
    Customer Success Engineer
  • Damien Tournoud
    Damien Tournoud
  • jeff-barnett-platformsh-cloud-hosting
    Jeff Barnett
    Account Manager
  • Brandon LeBlanc
    Brandon LeBlanc
    Customer Success Engineer
  • jgrubb.png
    John Grubb
    Solutions Architect Team Lead
  • valia
    Valia Dimitrakopoulou
    Event Coordinator
  • Felipe Fidelix
    Felipe Fidelix
    Regional Business Development Manager UK
  • Shawn Avatar
    Shawn Ogasawara
    Customer Success Engineer
  • Ori Pekelman
    Ori Pekelman
  • weber-macedo-platformsh-cloud-hosting
    Weber Macedo
    Customer Success Engineer
  • tristan
    Tristan Blattman
    Customer Success Engineer
  • joey
    Joey Stanford
    Security, Compliance and Data Protection Officer
  • Andrew Melck
    Andrew Melck
    Regional Business Development Manager DACH
  • Augustin Delaporte
    Augustin Delaporte
    General Manager China
  • Andrea Soper,
    Andrea Soper
    Product Engineer
  • Arun Prasah,
    Arun Prasah
    Cloud Operations Engineer
  • tim
    Tim Gilmour
    Partner Director
  • Fred Plais
    Fred Plais
  • Dawid kuder platform sh
    Dawid Kuder
    Customer Success Engineer
  • Bogdan Vasilescu
    Bogdan Vasilescu
    Customer Success Engineer
  • Thomas Lattimore
    Thomas Lattimore
    Product Engineer
  • jeremie preault platform sh
    Jérémie Préault
    HR Assistant
  • Nikola Kotur
    Nikola Kotur
    VP Infrastructure Operations
  • marco avatar
    Marco Caramma
    Cloud Engineer
  • Sophie Palmer
    Sophie Palmer
    Office Manager (London)
  • Patrick
    Patrick Dawkins
    Product Engineer
  • Christian Campbell platform sh
    Christian Campbell
    Pre Sales and Training Partner Manager
  • Frederic Potvin,
    Frederic Potvin
    Customer Success Engineer
  • alok
    Alok Garg
    Managing Partner
  • thomas
    Thomas Webb
    Cloud Operations Engineer
  • Aaron Dudenhofer
    Aaron Dudenhofer
    Product Engineer
  • adam-mahar-avatar-platformsh-cloud-hosting
    Adam Mahar
    Customer Success Engineer
  • marie
    Marie Bischoff
    Financial Controller
  • Chris Yates,
    Chris Yates
    VP Marketing
  • Yann Deshayes
    Yann Deshayes
    Product Engineer
  • Colin Strickland,
    Colin Strickland
    Cloud Engineer
  • Florian Margaine
    Florian Margaine
    VP Engineering
  • Robert Douglass
    Robert Douglass
    VP Customer Success
  • Alphonse Delaporte
    Alphonse Delaporte
    Customer Success Engineer
  • Maria Melanathy
    Maria Melanathy
    Customer Success Engineer
  • Juan Pablo Olivera
    Juan Pablo Olivera
    Account Manager
  • Christian Sieber
    Christian Sieber
    Director Accounts & User tools
  • LaMont Jones,
    LaMont Jones
    Cloud Operations Engineer
  • Brad Homer
    Brad Homer
    Senior Cloud Operations Engineer
  • Ludovico Altana platform sh
    Ludovico Altana
    Engineer Intern
  • Robert Banziziki platform sh
    Robert Banziziki
    Solutions Architect
  • adam
    Adam Bakalar
    Customer Success Engineer
  • Aaron Porter
    Aaron Porter
    Regional Business Development Manager US
  • Daniel M.
    Daniel M.
    Director of Support
  • tony
    Tony Greising-Murschel
    Cloud Operations Engineer
  • nicholas avatar
    Nicholas Bennison
    Partner Project Manager
  • Guillaume Moigneu
    Guillaume Moigneu
    Director of Customer Solutions