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Platform.sh and Welcome to the Jungle join forces to support the European developer ecosystem through the return of dotConferences

06 February, 2024
  • After 39 editions since 2012, with over 24,000 participants and a forced 4-year hiatus post-Covid, dotConferences are making a grand comeback in June 2024.
  • By providing a platform for the world's top developers, both entities aim to reposition Paris as a major hub in the international tech scene.
  • Under the independent leadership of Nessrine Berrama, dotConferences plans to organize three major events this year focused on the latest technological revolutions: Javascript, Python, and AI.

In Paris, on February 06, 2024 - Platform.sh - a unified, secure, enterprise-grade platform for building, running and scaling web applications and Welcome to the Jungle- a French specialist in employer branding and recruitment - are joining forces to help relaunch dotConferences. This initiative aims to revive globally renowned conferences and strengthen Paris's position as a key tech hub. The idea is to provide a reassuring perspective on the future of developer professions through top-notch speakers and premium content.

Two tech leaders lend their support to dotConferences The post-COVID period led to the suspension of physical events, and their resumption is taking longer than anticipated. Recognizing the impact of the current crisis and the absence of vibrant tech events, Platform.sh and Welcome to the Jungle aim to breathe new life into dotConferences to restore dynamism to the pan-European tech ecosystem.

Indeed, when these two players emerged to respectively streamline developers' daily lives and enhance recruitment, dotConferences served as an endless source of inspiration for the entire ecosystem. These events catalyzed community engagement through high-quality content shared by an unparalleled assembly of guests (experts, leaders, mentors, etc.), thus fueling sectoral growth and contributing to the rise of numerous players.

Today, faced with a profound paradigm shift due to the crisis and the constant emergence of new technologies, developers increasingly feel the need to understand industry developments and the evolution of their profession. In the midst of an uncertain period, the ecosystem eagerly anticipates the return of qualitative conferences where expertise and reassurance intertwine. By participating in the revival of these conferences that have profoundly influenced the French tech ecosystem, Platform.sh and Welcome to the Jungle aim to provide participants with an enlightened vision of their future.

At the forefront of innovation to enhance the skills of European developers Returning in 2024, dotConferences aims to support European developers in acquiring essential skills to maintain their competitiveness in the race for innovation. This will be achieved through a new series of conferences focusing on the latest revolutionary technologies within various sectors. These events aim to give a global scope to tech thought leaders and contribute to the repositioning of Paris as an international platform for expertise and innovation.

dotConferences will structure the content of its events by exploring diverse technological topics and giving increased prominence to the diversity of programming languages. The spotlight will be on Javascript, Python, and artificial intelligence in 2024.

Simultaneously, the entity aims to internationalize its conferences by expanding into other European tech hubs and fostering the development of international B2B partnerships.

"The dotConferences have always been the must-attend event for technology enthusiasts. After this forced hiatus, we are delighted to relaunch this event that has left a lasting mark on the industry and are eager to once again bring together the best international experts, contributing to the prominence of the European tech ecosystem," explains Nessrine Berrama, CEO of dotConferences.

"As an associate partner of these events, Welcome to the Jungle is proud to support their revival. These conferences have always been a source of inspiration and learning for industry professionals. With their return, we hope to bring the entire community the inspiration they have given us," emphasizes Alice Hagger, Vice President Brand & Creative at Welcome to the Jungle.

"We are pleased to partner with Welcome to the Jungle to contribute to the return of dotConferences to the international tech scene. These events have a long and successful history, and we are determined to elevate them to new heights, focusing on innovation and technical excellence," rejoice Frédéric Plais, co-founder and CEO of Platform.sh, Ori Pekelman, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Platform.sh.

About dotConferences

dotConferences is a series of high-level events for developers in Europe. Since 2012, 39 conferences have been organized in Paris, bringing together over 24,000 participants and showcasing the most popular programming languages and technologies such as Javascript, Python, CSS, Artificial Intelligence, Security, and many more.

The mission of dotConferences is to help developers enhance their skills by inviting technical thought leaders from around the world to speak in the most prestigious venues that cities have to offer.

About Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle is a workplace expert, providing innovative solutions to companies to develop their employer brand and strengthen their attractiveness. The company also offers inspiring experiences and content that provide both workers and companies with the tools to redefine the rules of work

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