Board and Investors

They all believe we're unique. They help us define our vision and their mission is to guide and set the pace for our current operations and future developments. They all share one thing in common: a deep commitment to the future of as the only application platform that can simplify cloud

Fred Plais

Co-founder and CEO,



Fred is a serial entrepreneur. Co-founder and CEO of, he previously co-founded Commerce Guys, a leading Drupal ecommerce provider. His mission is to guarantee that as we continue on an ambitious journey to profoundly transform how cloud computing is used and perceived, we keep our feet well on the ground continuing the rapid growth we have enjoyed up until now. Previously, he was also General Manager of af83, an open source company that specialized in social web and digital media. Fred started his career working for larger organizations with different roles in marketing, sales and business development for SFR (Vodafone Group) and L'Oréal after his graduation from the Paris Business School of Management (ESCP Europe).

Damien Tournoud

Chief Technology Officer,

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Damien, a polyglot developer if there is one, leads the zoo of system engineers, front-end hackers, security experts, API-buffs and glorious DevOps people to deliver on a grand unifying vision of a cloud platform that is as robust as it is broad, as cutting-edge as it is simple. He is the architect around dozens of software projects that compose and the lead developer of many of them. Previously, he was one of the top architects and contributors to Drupal 7 and a key architect behind Drupal Commerce. An alumni of the prestigious engineering school MINES ParisTech, has also worked in the banking, energy and government sectors.

Ori Pekelman

Chief Product Officer,

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Ori is a technologist with a taste for business. A polyglot developer and software architect, he also worked as a teacher in a design school and had a previous career as a journalist. His job is to translate an incredibly ambitious roadmap that stretches years into the future into a concrete product offering that is not only efficient but also enjoyable to its users. Over the years he helped build a number of very successful startups amongst which aSmallWorld, AF83, Commerce Guys and now He is an open source advocate and promoter and organizer of tech meetups such as ParisDataGeeks, the largest European regular big-data gathering.

Réza Malekzadeh

General Partner, Partech



Réza is General Partner of Partech and based in San Francisco. He joined in 2016. Réza is an active catalyst and leader in the French Silicon Valley tech community and an advocate of French and European technological innovation. He has twenty years of experience in various executive sales, marketing and operations roles for both large and startup companies. He was one of the very early VMware employees joining the company in 1998 and has also co-founded and successfully sold two startups.

Matthieu Baret

Partner, Idinvest



Matthieu is a Partner in the Venture & Growth Capital team working mainly in the telecoms/media, software sectors. He has overseen around 20 digital investments. He is also responsible for Idinvest Partners' ESG policy and is a member of the UN-PRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment) Private Equity Advisory Committee. He also regularly lectures on entrepreneurship at the Centrale Supélec engineering school.

Eric Buatois

General Partner, Benhamou Global Ventures



Eric has 15 years of active venture capital experience, first at Sofinnova Ventures as a General Partner from 2001 until 2013 managing several funds of 250M$ and then General Partner at BGV since 2013. He is a lead investor who truly enjoys building global companies and has demonstrated experience in executing spin-offs from large companies.

Valérie Gombart

Co-founder & CEO, Hi Inov



Valérie co-founded and headed the Information and Communication Technologies investment department at Seventure and was promoted Managing Partner in 2003. In 2012, she joined Pierre-Henri Dentressangle to co-found Hi Inov. She has more than 20 professional years experience in venture capital and funded 35 startups. Her portfolio has returned 116M€ of net gross profits to LPs.

Justin Ziegler




Justin is the tech founder of Priceminister. In 2010, PriceMinister was acquired by Japan’s Rakuten, owners of more than 40 companies and services and one of the largest ecommerce companies in the world. With over 200 million new and used items for sale and a community of over 21 million members (February 2015), PriceMinister sees over 27 million visits per month and delivers over 600,000 new ads each day making it the second most visited ecommerce site in France.

Alban Wyniecki

Investment Director, Idinvest



Alban is Investment Director for the Growth Fund. Before joining Idinvest in November 2016, Alban spent two years at Partech Ventures, where he sourced and executed investments in Europe and the US (Alban was notably board member at Brandwatch and M-Files). Before that, Alban worked at Dassault Systèmes where from 2008 to 2014 he successively led the CATIA Strategy team and then the 3DS Group Corporate Strategy team. Here he managed the 3DS technical partners' portfolio, the 3DS group and the brand's corporate planning efforts, closing over 10 M&A deals. Alban started his career with various Engineering & Research consulting positions at Salomon, EADS, and Geonumeric.

Pierre-Henri Dentressangle

Co-founder & Chairman, Hi Inov



Pierre-Henri is the co-founder and President at Hi Inov. He created and developed several websites and then at the age of 21, he founded the digital content archiver, Archive Concept. In 2006, he built Aquasolo Systems, a company developing and selling an innovative drip irrigation system for plants. He listed Aquasolo’s products in French and European mass-market retailers. He also managed the marketing strategy and implementation of supply and production chain.

Edward Colby




Ed is based in San Francisco and is Partner at Quadrille Capital. He has worked for Citibank and Apple, most recently as Director of R&D in Europe. For nine years he was Managing Director, US for a Venture Capital fund established by Vivendi, Cisco, Qualcomm, Nokia, Siemens, and BT. Ed has also founded, managed and exited two technology companies. He has worked with the Quadrille team for 14 years. He is a graduate of Princeton and the University of Virginia.

Eric Wittman




Based in San Francisco, Eric is the COO of Figma, which is solving the collaboration problems teams face when building well designed software. Eric is an industry veteran who previously ran the Developer Tools business at Atlassian, including Bitbucket. At Figma, in addition to scaling processes like recruiting and finance, he is focusing on GTM and revenue.

Fabien Potencier


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Fabien founded SensioLabs SAS in 1998 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. He founded the Symfony project in 2004. He is a serial entrepreneur, and among other companies, he founded Sensio in 1998, a software company that provides products, services, and technical support for the Open-Source Symfony framework. He is also the creator of several other open-source projects, a writer, a blogger, a speaker at international conferences.

François Dufour




François Dufour was the VP of Global Marketing at Twilio, a cloud communication company that enables users to use standard web languages to build voice, VoIP, and SMS apps via a web API. Prior to Twilio, he held various leadership roles in marketing at Udacity and LinkedIn.