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The ultimate generation of our Dedicated offering is here!

22 November, 2022
Nicholas Bennison
Nicholas Bennison
Senior Product Manager

We are delighted to announce the general availability of Dedicated Generation 3 - the latest evolution of our Dedicated offering.

We rewrote it from scratch with the objective of making the Dedicated experience as incredible as on the Grid, while providing the same strong guarantees regarding uptime, compliance, and SLAs.

And, not to humblebrag, but we succeeded!

Tell me more about Dedicated Generation 3.

Dedicated Generation 3 runs the exact same software that is used on the Grid, but on highly available triple-redundant virtual machines. Each service is replicated across three virtual machines in a failover configuration, which allows your site to remain available even if one machine is lost entirely.

The highly available setup for all your applications and services comes coupled with the exceptional experience that we offer on the Grid. This new rock solid infrastructure gives you a whole new level of independence, control, and confidence to manage your infrastructure with ease. 

This sounds awesome. Who is it for?

Dedicated Generation 3 is tailor-made for organizations that build demanding applications. To serve these organizations, Dedicated Generation 3 offers an increased amount of resources, high availability for all services and applications, stricter data location and isolation requirements, and additional compliance frameworks.

Alrighty. What are the benefits?

Unprecedented performance

Dedicated Generation 3 offers a high availability of 99.99% SLA.

Unified experience

Dedicated Generation 3 also offers a whole new level of self-serviceability and flexibility.

With Dedicated Generation 3, you can:

  • Clone your Dedicated environment to the Grid in a single click, as you would do with a Grid environment.
  • Synchronize code, data, and files from Dedicated to the Grid in a single click, removing the need to run and maintain custom scripts.
  • Add, remove, configure all your services, applications, routes via the same configuration files as on the Grid.
  • All testing environments on the Grid are also running triple multiple instances, so that you are always developing and testing in production-like conditions.

Of course, our Customer Success team is still always at hand but, with Dedicated Generation 3, you can make all of the changes on your own, at any time, without opening a support ticket.

Decoupled architectures

Dedicated Generation 3 supports any headless architectures (decoupled Drupal, Magento, and more), as well as multi-application right out of the box.

Multi-everything (cloud, services, runtime)

Dedicated Generation 3 runs on:

  • Any data centers provided by our major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, OVHcloud).
  • All the languages that you need (Lisp, Elixir, Go, Node.js, Python…).
  • All the services that you need (PostgreSQL, Solr, MariaDB…).


Your applications and configurations are now totally independent from the machines they are running on and with DG3 we guarantee non-disruptive system upgrades to ensure you're always secure and compliant.

Sweet, can’t wait! How do I get it?

Any new Dedicated project will be running on Dedicated Generation 3 by default. Get in touch with our Sales Team to learn more. 

What if I am already on Dedicated?

Today, Dedicated Generation 3 is only available for new Dedicated projects. 

We are working on an automated migration path for existing Dedicated projects which will be available in 2023. 

Get in touch with our team if you are interested in joining the beta migration program which means we can get you in the Dedicated Generation 3 queue sooner. Alternatively, you can contact your Customer Success or Account Manager to discuss a manual migration to Dedicated Generation 3.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about the new Dedicated - stay tuned for more!

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