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New Platform.sh overview video: a proven, 5-step approach helps explain a complex concept

15 November, 2021
Jessica Orozco
Jessica Orozco
Senior Vice President of Global Sales

The question that people who don’t know us constantly ask, “What does Platform.sh do, exactly?” Our new overview video aims to answer just that.

We took a five-step approach to ensure our message was both clear and succinct:

  1. Know your audience

    We’ve created a fair amount of content since our organization’s inception, but it’s been primarily focused on developers, which, frankly, explains why non-developers have been so confused about what we do. To remedy this, we created our new overview video’s content for non-technical business leaders. So, if you’re a digital leader, a marketer, or a C-Level executive, this video is intended for you.

  2. Provide definitions to new terms

    As with any technology solution, one can easily get lost in all the technical jargon. The video makes every effort to avoid technical mumbo-jumbo and, instead, focuses on high-level concepts. When we introduce a new technology idea, like FleetOps, we define it so that everyone can understand the concept.

  3. Divide concepts into consumable chunks

    We can go on and on about all of our platform’s cool features, but we decided to organize them into key sections centered around three key benefits:

    • Increased developer productivity
    • Improved team collaboration
    • Better reliability and security
  4. Compare and contrast to show cause and effect

    There’s no solution without a problem, so throughout the video, we paint a picture around the key challenges our solution solves for and what impact it can have on your business.

  5. Tell a story to illustrate the process or concept

    As humans, we learn best through stories; they’re far easier to remember than facts and figures. So, in the second part of the video, we tell our story from the perspective of Mary, a lead web developer. We take you through Mary’s journey of creating a new project on Platform.sh; making code changes; sharing those changes with other stakeholders; and deploying the changes to production. All while keeping her manager happy by delivering features to customers faster and by adhering to IT security and compliance standards.

We hope that this video addresses the question about what Platform.sh does and inspires you to use the same five-step framework when you’re tasked with explaining a difficult concept.

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