Focus on your status messages

Larry Garfield
Director of Developer Experience
24 Apr 2018

We've offered customers the ability to subscribe to updates and notices about our service for a long time, using That's great if you want to know when we have maintenance planned but as we've grown and added new regions to our network network it's become apparent that not all customers want to know what's happening on every part of our network. (Who knew?)

For that reason we've now added support for separate notification channels on our status service. When creating a new subscription or editing your existing one you should see a screen something like this:

A list of available regions to select (Screenshot).

That will let you select just the regions and message types you care about.  That way, you can safely ignore maintenance windows in the Netherlands you don't care about for your Australian site.  (Of course, if you really do care what's happening to servers on the other side of the world that's fine by us. We don't judge.)

If you aren't already subscribed to get status notifications this is a good time to do it.  And while you're at it, make sure you have health notifications setup for your specific project, too.