Changing the Node.js version in your application container

Christopher Skene
Regional Business Development Manager Asia Pacific
06 Feb 2018 provides Node.js in all our containers, regardless of whether it's a proper Node.js container, currently this is 6.x LTS. Though it is still a maintained release, we often get asked if it is possible to use a different version than the one provided. This is usually because people want the latest LTS (8.x) or the most recent 9.x version.

With Node's frequent release cycle and our precompiled container images, providing multiple versions with different dependencies is prohibitive, however there is another way you can run a different version of Node, and that is using Node Version Manager.

Node Version Manager, or NVM, is a tool for managing multiple versions of Node.js in one installation. You can use NVM with any of our container types that have node installed to change or update the version. 

Full instructions are available on our new documentation page for NVM...