A Cloud for Symfony

Robert Douglass
Chief DevRel Officer
02 Dec 2016

During the keynote address at SymfonyCon Berlin 2016, Fabien Potencier, CEO and founder of SensioLabs, announced SensioCloud, a new complete cloud offering focused on the development and runtime of Symfony applications. The offer combines the services of Platform.sh, Blackfire.io, Fastly.com, and SensioLabs’ own support services into one comprehensive package.

A fully maintained stack at your fingertips
Enable any service via a few configuration lines in a YAML file. SensioCloud supports PHP 5 and 7. Each service is deployed in its own custom, lightweight LXC container for optimal performance, stability and flexibility.
Don’t see your service on the list? Ask for it, we’ll make it happen.

Some of the key advantages include a diverse set of managed services, a Composer-based build process, Symfony optimized runtimes, massive scalability (top tiers can provision >300 CPUs and nearly 6TB of RAM for one application), and a 99.99% uptime guarantee for the entire stack — from CDN to PHP to Database/Cache/Search services). Fabien pointed out that other PaaS offerings can only provide individual SLAs on the component parts, not the whole offer.

Availability of SensioCloud is imminent — early 2017 was the guidance given during the keynote. The SensioCloud team then proceeded to give demos on the expo floor to hundreds of interested Symfony developers.


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