’s Privacy Policy and Terms now include

18 Apr 2022

When acquired, as announced in our previous blog post, the two teams began reviewing and merging our policies and processes to align Platform’s overall posture and practices.

Privacy Policy

After reviewing Blackfire’s privacy policy and comparing it with’s existing privacy policy, we determined that the former could be included in’s Privacy Policy with minimal adjustments.

Terms of Service

After reviewing Blackfire’s Terms of Services, we have decided to redesign Terms of Service into 4 main sections:

  • General terms applicable to all services
  • Hosting Services Terms
  • Blackfire Service Terms (new, based on Blackfire’s Terms of Service)
  • Acceptable Use Policy

We have also made the updates listed below

  • In the General Terms section:
    • Addition of wording about feedback
    • Addition of wording about beta features
  • In the Hosting Service Terms section:
    • Addition of license to reproduce customer content only on or in conjunction with the provision of the hosting services
    • Removal of service credit for Professional tiers
    • Addition of reversibility of customer content
  • Addition of Blackfire Service Terms

What does this mean for customers?

Privacy Policy

Nothing changes for users and visitors (collectively, “customers”) of You retain all the rights you had under the Privacy Policy. No action on your end is required. You can view the Privacy Policy, which includes, here.

Terms of Services

While there is no change to the price and the scope of the Blackfire Service, the General Terms under which the Blackfire Service is provided have been updated to align with policies and terms. We encourage you to read the updated Terms as your continued use of the Blackfire Service after the changes have been made will constitute your acceptance of the updated Terms.