New: Go release 1.13 on

Larry Garfield
Larry Garfield
Director of Developer Experience
04 Sep 2019

The team behind Go has released version 1.13 of the network-friendly language. That means it’s time for us to release it, too.

If you’re running Go on, you can now upgrade to the new 1.13 release with one character change. Update your file like so:

type: golang:1.13

And your next git push will build with Go 1.13. Easy peasy.

Go tends to be extremely stable on version upgrades, so we recommend this upgrade to all Go-using customers. And if you’re not a Go-using customer, this is a good opportunity to Go give it a try.

What’s new?

Go releases tend to not have dramatic new features, but there are still some improvements worth noting.

  • Go Modules have been improved with tools to help manage private packages.
  • Go also now supports number literals, making it easier to write integers in non-base-10 formats. For instance, 0b1101 is the binary number 1101 (aka 13 for human counters).
  • Literal numbers may also now have a digit separator anywhere in their value, making long numbers easier to read. For instance, 1_000_000 is a legal way to write the integer for 1 million.
  • Shift operations now work on signed integers.

See the Go 1.13 release notes for the full details.