Screencast - Basic Workflow

John Grubb
Director of Customer Care
05 Dec 2016

Hello, and welcome back to the from Scratch series!

As we are likely familiar (from being told if not from actual practice) - Git makes it wonderfully easy to use branching and merging techniques to work on various features of your project. This workflow allows you to keep your “master” branch (representing the production state of your project) in a 100% working state while you develop features and break things in other branches.

The biggest friction point with this workflow has always been when you need to show your work to someone else. This often entails a laborious server setup process so that you can have a hosting environment for your feature branch. The pain and expense of this process can lead to many folks giving up on the branching and merging features of Git and just committing straight to master. This of course comes with its own host of problems, not least is breaking your website when someone pushes a bad change.

This struggle is exactly what was born to relieve. In this screencast I show some of the basic features of and how they help you to restore sanity to the development process ultimately making it faster, easier, and safer to get your features to your adoring audience.