Deploy your beta version of Open Social on

Robert Douglass
Chief DevRel Officer
27 Sep 2016

Paris, France. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 27th September, 2016 - In an increasingly connected world, organizations are looking for simpler and faster ways to collaborate, interact, and engage with their stakeholders. To reinvent the way social communities and intranets are built and operated, GoalGorilla chose to partner with to deploy their open-source social business software, Open Social.

Creating great social software takes a lot of time and effort. By making Open Social available as a fully maintained service and a Drupal distribution, Open Social provides organizations a basis to build communities and intranets without a large, upfront investment.

“Our customers expect their communities to be secure and available, all the time. mission is to make software run, everywhere and always. Open Social and are a natural match.” explains Taco Potze, Development Director of Open Social.

Open Social needed a solution that allows them to distribute their software quickly and easily to the widest audiences. Their two key factors in choosing a hosting solution was one that can automate the software distribution from their Github as well as automate the deployment process.’s solution offers both.

“The Open Social application can play a transformative role in an organisation’s communications. Deploying directly onto removes the last barrier and sets the stage for success for people evaluating the solution” says Robert Douglass, VP Customer Success,

Organisations can start using the beta version of Open Social at

About is a continuous deployment cloud hosting solution that can scale applications from the smallest project to ones handling millions of visitors. It is ideal for agile software teams because of its unique feature: it can replicate a live production cluster in seconds and create byte-level clones of throwaway dev and staging environments, which makes testing and validation up to 7 times faster, that’s weeks to days, and in some cases days to hours. We can provide 99.99% SLAs thanks to our 24/7 follow-the-sun support combined with a unique, triple-redundant architecture that’s based on a high density grid of Linux micro-containers. Headquartered in Paris, France, with employees across five continents, the company serves thousands of clients worldwide, including Vivienne Westwood, The Canadian Football League, The British Council, Flixbus, and El Universo.

About Open Social Open Social empowers people by providing an open-source platform to build online communities of like minded individuals. Replacing traditional intranets, it fuels bottom-up innovation within organizations.

Prominent NGO and semi-government organizations are building strong business cases with the help of Open Social’s software. Open Social is offered in three versions: a free distribution, a fully maintained software-as-a-service and an enterprise edition. Hosted in the cloud in either the USA or the EU, it is easy to setup, secure and flexible to integrate with existing infrastructure of its customers.

Open Social is built with ‘Drupal 8’, a web technology for creating ambitious digital experiences which has more than a hundred thousand active contributors worldwide. The project is developed by a core team of eight people and is funded by GoalGorilla, a leading Drupal agency from The Netherlands. Open Social is based in tech-hub TQ in Amsterdam and in Twente, both are part of the Dutch StartupDelta; Europe’s largest startup ecosystem.