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Augustin Delaporte
Augustin Delaporte
Director of Fleet & Enterprise
30 Aug 2016
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Deploy on

As you know GitHub is awesome for managing your codebase, is awesome for deploying your application and Blackfire is awesome for testing your application performances.

GitHub, Blackfire and

But did you know that those services can easily be integrated together so that you get the best of all worlds without any hassle?

What you get is that for every branch (or pull request) that you push to GitHub, automatically deploys your application to a dedicated environment, and Blackfire automatically profiles your application on that newly created environment.

How it works

A picture is worth a thousand words:

GitHub integration with Blackfire and

On this screenshot, I have opened a pull request on GitHub.

You can see a notification telling you that has deployed your pull request to an environment, and that Blackfire has profiled your application on that environment.

The two details links redirect to the environment and the Blackfire test results.

How to configure

I have made a tutorial video which explains how you can configure it on your project, and also how it works in real life.

A video is worth a thousand words:

If you face any issue setting up those integrations, don’t hesitate to contact us on our public Slack channel.