2014, a year in review!

Robert Douglass
Chief DevRel Officer
05 Jan 2015

June 10, 2014 was a special day for the team. We watched from around the world as something magical happened: our first online sale! Now, six months later, it’s time to look back on the year and celebrate some of our successes.

Great Partners

Much of’s growth has been due to the deep partnerships we’ve formed.Wunderkraut and Sensio Labs both supported in the early phases providing valuable feedback, beta testing, and most importantly, customers, helping us grow quickly and prove the value of our product.

Since then many other agencies have signed up as partners, and are enjoying the benefits of continuous delivery.

SaaS Products offers a unique set of advantages for companies that are building Software-as-a-Service products. SaaS providers who have chosen as their main deployment tool for new customers include Indivizo and Roomify.

Money Saved

While making a first sale is a great milestone, saving your clients real money is an even better achievement. More than one of our customers report direct, measurable savings after adopting and the development workflows that it enables:

“Our success would not have been nearly so rapid without, which has transformed our ability to deliver important new website features and react to market conditions. We calculate a savings of at least 38% since the introduction of for our development and production hosting.” – Ivan Lopez, CEO,

100s of Customers

Our ambitious goal by the end of the year was to have 100 customers. We rejoiced the day we hit that goal, and promptly set about hitting it again.

Staying Secure

The past six months saw a number of highly publicized security vulnerabilities in various software components that could affect users. We were given the chance to flex our security muscles, successfully staying ahead of the curve and protecting our customers, even from the worst bug in the history of the Drupal project. Our fix blocking the Drupalgeddon attack was deployed within minutes of the vulnerability being announced.

First “P1” ticket - better than pair programming

The first crisis is also a milestone when you’re launching a product, and our first “Priority 1” support ticket was no exception. We were attending the AWS Summit in Paris when one of our beta customers had a problem. We were so eager to help that we put our heads together and solved the problem from the conference.

<img src=”/images/blog/aws-summit.jpg )

What’s next

2015 is going to be a busy year for our team. We have many goals for improving the hosting experience of, including:

  • Bringing more services online, including Elasticsearch, MongoDB, and Node.js.
  • Providing a complete solution for local development tools.
  • Deep integration with external services like Github, Bitbucket, Hipchat, Jira, and more.

We’ve set up very high expectations to provide some great features in

  1. We’re convinced that we can achieve those objectives due to scalable architecture.

Stay tuned!