1000 tickets strong

Shannon Vettes
Shannon Vettes
22 Oct 2014
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Since taking over the Support Director role at Commerce Guys, I’ve had quite a laundry list of things to do to improve this already rolling program and keep our Platform.sh and Application Support customers happy. Despite that (never-ending) to-do list, I wanted to take a moment to recognize that we just passed our 1,000th ticket! It’s small as milestones go, but it represents a lot of success for our team, so I wanted to share some fun facts with you all to celebrate!

Recent program stats:

  • 100% of our P1 tickets are replied to in 30 minutes or less;
  • 91% of our customers provided feedback saying they are satisfied with our work to date;
  • 99% of tickets have been treated within our SLA standards; and
  • 100% of customers were informed about the Drupal security bug and we patched all our enterprise customers in just a few minutes on Wednesday!

Congrats on passing the 1,000 ticket mark team! Keep up the great work!