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Platform.sh Agency Partner Program

Build a sustainable future for your agency—together

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On a warm summer day, you spot a lone bee spiraling across the sky. You both know that flying solo can feel uplifting. Empowering. Energizing. But collaboration? That can change the world—whether you’re building a hive together, an application, or an entire agency team.

Focused on fostering your agency’s goals and growth path, the Platform.sh Agency Partner Program provides a trusted, transparent team of collaborators committed to understanding and supporting your unique business. Whatever size, shape, or model. At any stage of your journey.

At our core? A unified, secure, enterprise-grade cloud platform to build, run, manage, and scale high-performance websites and applications. Whether you have one or a fleet of thousands. Flexible and reliable, our efficient, cloud-based infrastructure enables you and your clients to move to greener hosting options, take data-driven action to reduce project carbon emissions, and proactively improve app performance.

As a Platform.sh Agency Program partner, you’ll have access to dev and business tools, resources, and training to help drive business value—for you and your clients. Empowering you to sell more of your solutions, time, and expertise, we’re dedicated to working with you to build a sustainable future for your agency.

Bee flying in a wave pattern

Platform.sh at a glance

A robust, reliable foundation for your sites and apps

  • Fully automated DevOps that eliminates low-value, repetitive dev tasks, freeing your team to jumpstart innovative client solutions
  • Single, common, standardized platform and integrated tooling for all web development, removing the need to purchase and hire staff to manage a disparate portfolio of dev tools
  • Unified workflow across your dev team and client stakeholders, heterogeneous languages, and frameworks to improve collaboration and get projects to market faster
  • Integrated application performance monitoring tools to help you quickly identify how, when, and where performance is impacted, then rapidly implement recommended changes and increase the speed of your digital experiences
  • Fast auto-scaling to handle traffic peaks and lulls, rapid load times, and optimized uptime
  • Secure, compliant infrastructure, backed by an up-to 99.99% SLA, so you (and your clients) can sleep at night
  • Efficient, greener hosting that enables you and your clients to reduce your reduce carbon footprints
Bees attracted to a flower

An extended team of collaborators to support agency growth, win new business

Dedicated, geo-specific, language-proficient Agency Partner ManagersSolutions architectsMarketers24x7 technical staff/engineersEnterprise pre-sales deal supportTimely request for proposal supportCompliance supportCo-selling
Many bees attracted to a flower
The Platform.sh Agency Partner Program has helped us generate leads and close new business that otherwise wouldn't have come across our bow. We've found the program to be quite equitable for both sides. It just makes so much sense for agencies like ours to partner up with companies like Platform.sh, whose zones of expertise are so complementary to our own.
Chris Free, President, Chromatic

Turn your ideas into innovation

Through robust hosting services, automated DevOps, and a unified, streamlined workflow, our Platform-as-a-Service eliminates tedious, routine maintenance tasks, simplifies client approvals, speeds development and deployment, and provides widespread efficiencies.

With developers no longer bogged down by infrastructure maintenance, they’re free to work on more projects—generating more billable hours to uplift profitability. Most importantly? Your team can collaborate to test, iterate on, and quickly unleash fresh ideas that shape innovative client solutions—and make your agency stand out.

Your language. Your framework. Your way.






database options

The flexibility your dev team needs to choose the technologies they need for each project, bringing their ideas for new, extraordinary digital experiences to life—with lightning speed.

Software Technologies
Platform.sh enables us to use a single solution provider for all the different technologies and approaches we use for our projects. We see this as our number-one Platform.sh benefit. We can also handle a higher volume of projects—and work on more projects concurrently—than we could before.
Rainer Friedrich, CTO/Managing Partner, WONDROUS
Bees flying

A program that adds value at every turn

Designed in collaboration with current partners, the Platform.sh Agency Partner Program supports agency growth and can help catapult success for agencies of all sizes. Even if you don’t have any Platform.sh projects yet, after signing your Agency Partner Agreement, you can begin to take advantage of added Partner Program value.

Transparent pricing—predictable costs, without add-ons, without charges for pageviews or unique visitors—means you won’t have any unexpected costs or charges when your projects and agency grow.

Manage client projects directly or refer them to our team—your choice. You can reap quantifiable benefits in either scenario.

Getting started: simple

You don’t have to make any annual commitment to participate in our Partner Program. But when you meet designated revenue and technical qualification requirements, your agency’s program level and benefits increase.

Annual revenue qualification

Net-new businessorCreditsorTotal annual portfolio value

Annual technical qualification

A dedicated team that extends yours

From day one, at-the-ready Agency Partner Managers (APMs)—specific to your geography and language—are available to meet with you to understand your business and goals. Your APM can facilitate efficient, collaborative, strategic assistance for every aspect of the sales journey—from joint proposals and compliance assessments to product demos and client meetings. Coordinating support from our sales, marketing, and technology teams as needs arise.

We've migrated almost our full stack to Platform.sh. It's only in rare cases that we tend to reach out to the excellent Platform.sh support team to help us out. Edge cases—where we need complex architecture—are figured out together, with Platform.sh engineers almost fully dedicated to us.
Michiel Kenis, Managing Partner, Anvil
Many bees flying

A partner that understands your business

Through ongoing conversations, quarterly business reviews, and sales collaborations, we put a laser focus on your agency's business. Together, we'll build a relationship that broadens and deepens over time—empowering you to increase developer productivity, agency profitability, and client satisfaction. We'll follow your lead as you progress through the Partner Program at a pace that aligns with your growth strategies.

Propelling your agency's success

The Partner Program offers a diverse portfolio of benefits—from commissions and discounts to training and co-branded marketing materials—to help strengthen your bottom line, build expertise, and drive sales.

  • A new revenue stream

    Recurring commissions from client projects—for Silver partners and above

  • Go-to-market support

    Collaboration on joint proposals and RFPs, with timely support throughout the sales cycle

  • Exclusive fleet pricing

    A direct discount that can increase as you progress through the program

  • Free agency website hosting

    A no-charge Platform.sh subscription for your agency’s site

  • Complimentary user licenses/dev plans

    Unlimited access for Silver partners and above

  • No-charge technical training

    Platform.sh developer certification and annual feature training

  • Exclusive marketing tools, resources

    A library of co-branded materials, opportunities for co-marketing, and market development funds

  • Agency listing

    Prospective clients can discover your team through the Platform.sh Partner Locator

Platform.sh Agency Partner Portal

Our exclusive Agency Partner Portal—your primary program resource—lets you drill down into your net-new Platform.sh business and project statuses. Secure new program-level benefits. Get a holistic view of your agency’s total Platform.sh portfolio. And then quickly jump into individual projects. Your team can also access a variety of training, program and marketing resources, news, and more.

Platform.sh plays an integral role not only in reducing infrastructure cost, but in our development and in reducing our time to market. Day in and day out. Week after week. Year after year.
Hans Maltha, CCO, Intracto Group

Come join our hive

Flexible, reliable, greener hosting, along with time-saving dev tools to build, run, manage, and scale your high-performance sites and apps. A program that supports your agency’s goals, at a pace you set. An extended team of trusted collaborators committed to helping capture new sales and building a sustainable future for your agency.

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