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The one and only Director of Runtimes and Integrations

One of the deeply rewarding aspects of working within thriving open source communities is collaborating with exceptional people: individuals who excel in technology; individuals who rise above the fold with their ener
Press Provides PaaS Technology to Magento Commerce

Global commerce provider Integrates Into its New Enterprise Cloud Offering Paris, Franc
Blog announces world’s first LDN for web applications

Lunar Delivery Network deploys PHP applications on the moon Paris, France. Friday, April 1, 2016, for immediate release

Perfectly Posh adopts for Drupal Commerce based e-commerce application

Custom Enterprise subscription deployed to handle massive peak traffic Michigan, U.S.

Continuous Deployment solution now available on the hosted infrastructure of Cloudwatt Orange Business Services

  Paris, France. - March 24, 2016, for immediate release
New Features

CLI version 3.0 released

We are proud to release a new major version of the CLI.

Marketing Manager Germany

Blog becomes an independent company in a sweeping reorganization of Commerce Guys activities

These are exciting times for us and we wanted to share the news… the award winning, container powered, git orchestrated, continuous deployment cloud hosting solution, initially created by Commerce Guys now valiantly s

Perfectly Lovely, Astonishingly Tremendous, Fabulously Outstanding, Remarkably Magnificent, Serene & Happy 2016.

  We couldn’t let January end without wishing you all the best for the upcoming year. A year can be a very, very long and eventful thing full of accomplishments and joy.

All clients kept automatically safe from serious PHP bug

There is a serious PHP bug for which there are exploits in the wild affecting the the PHP session extension (ext/session); vulnerable versions include PHP < 5.4.45, < 5.5.29, < 5.6.13.
New Features

NodeJS versions 0.12, 4.4 and 6.2 supported

We are terribly happy to announce beta support for NodeJS in

Drupal 8.0 has been released... Party time!

Today is a very important day for the Drupal community around the globe!
New Features

Java Ant and Maven build scripts supported is a tool for serious people; And serious people use Java tooling.

Concerned about the recent European Court ruling on Safe Harbor? takes you well outside this jurisdiction anyway. Any EU based organisation who thought their EU originated confidential data was pr

Symfony founder Fabien Potencier names "Killer App"

Blog to exhibit at BADCamp 2015 to appear at North America’s largest free Drupal event.
Blog Best Horizontal Cloud Solution for 2015 in Europe

New Features

HHVM versions 3.9 and 3.12 supported

Today we are proud to announce that HHVM is available as an application service on

PHP Micro-Services can be simple, fast and testable

I have been doing the REST style Micro-Services oriented architectures for the past seven or eight years now (seems it has become all the rage recently). And in many, many cases, I find it is a much cleaner, more robust approach than the traditional big monolithic option. We are not going to go into the implementation question of the services themselves but see what are some of the issues they present in terms of operations and workflow. For simplicity’s sake we will use a fictional example with a couple of services.
New Features

RabbitMQ version 3.5 supported

Today, we are proud to announce that RabbitMQ is available on
Press hosts Symfony documentation GitHub pull requests

Note: This article has been published on Symfony official blog. Read the source.
New Features

PHP versions 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 supported

Hi, I’m proud to announce that starting today, testing and deploying your applications on various PHP versions has never been that easy!
Blog / Bitbucket Integration, featured on the Bitbucket Blog

The very nice and competent people from Atlassian did us the great honor of featuring on their official blog today. 

Hiring interns, or "Come dear great soul, you are called upon, waited for.", the award-winning Platform-as-a-Service solution from Paris, France, is offering internships to aspiring ambitious cloud engineers. is a second generation PaaS.

Move fast, break less

One of Facebooks’s mottos is “move fast and break things”. Being Facebook allows you to have multiple Mottos (remember “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”).

Creating flamegraphs with XHProf

One of the most frequent needs a web application has is a way to diagnose and evaluate performance problems.

The correct way to work with Drupal distributions

Have you ever wondered how you can easily build your Drupal site on top of a distribution? And how to keep it up to date? And how to keep your Git repository clean and containing only your custom code?
New Features

Documentation version 3.0 released

Today, we are proud to announce version 3.0 of the documentation. In this release, we have split the documentation into multiple guides:

Five reasons why is the PaaS you need for Drupal 8

If you are thinking about building something on Drupal 8, or maybe you saw the the recent television interview with our CEO Frederic Plais on France