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Continuous Deployment solution Platform.sh now available on the hosted infrastructure of Cloudwatt Orange Business Services

24 March, 2016
Kieron Sambrook-Smith
Kieron Sambrook-Smith
Chief Commercial Officer

The power of continuous deployment is now available on the hosted infrastructure of Cloudwatt Orange Business Services thanks to the newly formed partnership between Platform.sh and Orange Business Services

A partnership with the cloud infrastructure solution Platform.sh

Orange Cloud for Business, Orange’s Business Services subsidiary dedicated to Cloud Computing activities, signs a partnership with Platform.sh to offer a second generation PaaS (1) based on the major technological innovation of Linux containers. The purpose of this partnership enables developers to completely ignore hosting infrastructure and systems operations, to focus solely on developing their applications and websites in a logical way that allows “DevOps” to give way to “NoOps”.

In approaching Platform.sh, Orange Cloud for Business gives customers agile application development capabilities, whilst ensuring safe national data location. As well as saving time, this platform enables customers to lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) by 30%.

Platform.sh, a service based on a major technological innovation

Through Platform.sh technological innovation, development environments can be created - which are perfect copies of production - on the fly, and in less than 60 seconds. This continuous deployment model allows site builders to deliver an ongoing flow of change requests, one by one. It is common for a Platform.sh project to have twenty pre-production environments running in parallel, delivering tens of new features into production each day.

The service is particularly suited to transactional web applications with heavy traffic such as major e-commerce sites. Indeed, it allows an organisation to become highly reactive to market trends and optimising revenue through fast updates to live, as well as seamless scaling with no application interruption to deal with traffic spikes. It also comes with an enterprise-level 24/7/365 support offering and 99.99% SLA guarantees. This partnership will enable Orange customers and their web agency partners to benefit from this innovative offer.

“We were attracted by the innovation of the Platform.sh solution and the dynamism of the team. At Orange Cloud for Business, we strongly believe in the use of cloud services to improve productivity and help customers focus on their core business. Allowing developers to focus solely on the code without worrying about infrastructure management achieves this goal.” - Philippe Laplane, CEO Orange Cloud for Business.

“Our goal is to reach many potential customers with our solution by relying on an efficient Public Cloud. By partnering with Orange we can both respond to data sovereignty requests within the European territory, whilst enjoying a strong commercial advantage by accessing the customer portfolio of this French group.” - Frederic Plais, Platform.sh President and CEO.

Cloud Computing World Expo (Porte de Versailles): Demonstrations of the Platform.sh solution March 23, 2016 from 11:00 on the Orange stand (F25)

About Orange Business Services,

The Orange entity for business, both a telecommunications operator and IT services company, supporting every aspect of your digital transformation. More than two million businesses in France and 3,000 multinationals place their trust in us.

What is Platform.sh

Platform.sh is a second generation Platform-as-a-Service offering a continuous deployment cloud hosting solution.

Platform.sh’s fully automated cloud solutions covers the needs of small self-service accounts but can also power multiple dedicated cloud regions running tens of thousands of instances over multiple IaaS providers. Targeting the web application market and foremost large PHP e-commerce sites and media sites it has been chosen as the official cloud partner of major open source projects such as Symfony, EzPublish and Drupal Commerce. It has also been chosen by major Open Source software vendors and is now powering their SaaS offering through its technology. It has signed exclusive deals with two major European sovereign cloud providers.

Platform.sh is a VC backed startup headquarterd in Paris, with three fully owend subsidiaries and employees in three continents. In its 18 months of activity it has met with explosive growth acquiring thousands of clients from more than a hundred countries, doing as much business in the United-States as in Europe. Among its clients you can find key accounts, such as Vivienne Westwood, the British Retailer Reiss, the Canadian Football League, the British Council, Parc Asterix, Seloger.com, the German startup Flixbus or the South-American El Universo.

(1) PaaS is a cloud model that enables the physical infrastructure to be outsourced, along with middleware applications, the database, data integration layer and application development environments.

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