Argh! Slack is down! How do we get anything done?

Chris Yates
VP of Marketing
06 Jan 2021

If you’re one of the 12 million users of Slack, the ubiquitous business messaging platform, the first Monday morning of the new year might have been a bit frustrating.




In many organizations, Slack has largely replaced email and other instant messaging platforms. Going well beyond messaging, it has become the place where work is done for many people and companies (even if it is a great place to trade recipes and see pictures of your coworkers dogs too).

Obligatory #dogs picture

When access to those critical information flows (and let’s face it, memes) is disrupted, teams or entire companies can grind to a halt. Communication infrastructure is especially important these days, with many of us working from our homes, away from the face-to-face teamwork of offices. was affected too. We’re a Slack shop, with 230+ people around the world collaborating around the clock (though we’ve been a 100% distributed company from the beginning).

But work and communication didn’t stop at We just switched to our backup.

For us, that was as simple as spinning up a copy of Mattermost running on itself.

There are a ton of similarities between Slack and Mattermost … right down to the keyboard shortcuts to navigate between channels.

Mattermost is open-source software, based on the Go language and React Javascript framework, both which run swimmingly together on Mattermost also uses open-source databases PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch, which are just two of the fourteen services we include.

Mattermost provides real-time messaging with public and private channels, document sharing, and tons of integrations. So making the switch to keep teams running while Slack was having a moment was straightforward.

It’s especially easy, since starting a new Mattermost install begins with a single click. Really. Try it. I’ll wait.


Why would run Mattermost on Because it’s then immediately available when we need it, within the compliance framework we’ve already established for our fleet of websites and applications. We didn’t need to do additional vetting of SaaS tools; we just spun it up alongside our websites, bots, APIs, and other services running on

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