PostgreSQL 9.6 and PostgreSQL Extensions!

Simon Ruggier
Cloud Engineer
21 Nov 2016

We’re happy to announce the availability of PostgreSQL 9.6 as a choice of service in You can learn how to enable it in our documentation. Although we don’t yet support the pg_upgrade command, existing users of PostgreSQL 9.3 can still upgrade using pg_dump and pg_restore, as discussed in the Upgrading section.

And you now have full support for running Postgres Extensions on In your services.yaml file you can simply add a configuration subkey with the following strucure:

    type: "postgresql:9.6"
    disk: 1025
            - pg_trgm
            - hstore

In this example you will have pg_trgm installed giving functions to determine the similarity of text based on trigram matching and hstore, giving you a key-value store.

The complete docs are here: PostgreSQL Extensions