Save your Drupal team hours and effort with Source Operations and Activity Scripts

Chad Carlson
Chad Carlson
Manager, Developer Relations
28 Jul 2020
Drupal 9

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FleetOps—running a large fleet of apps and websites efficiently, securely, and predictably—is a challenge for every organization. One difficulty facing organizations managing multiple Drupal sites is keeping their dependencies current. For instance, each time a crucial security update is released, how many resources end up being spent making sure each site has properly been patched? How many team hours could be saved by automating dependency processes?

On, you can deploy your Drupal projects complete with a set of customized Source Operations that will automatically check for and apply updates using Composer to a development environment.

This still leaves your team keeping a constant eye out for updates that need to be reviewed or merged. That’s why gives you access to Activity Scripts that you can use to set up alerts for when updates are ready to review and merge into production. Your development team can now spend their energy on things that actually need their attention.

We’ve created an easy-to-follow video outlining all the steps for setting up Source Operations and Activity Scripts for your Drupal projects. In less than ten minutes, you’ll be ready to automate your sites and free up your development team for high value work.

You can also visit our documentation site to get even more information on Source Operations and Activity Scripts. You’ll also find an example activity script that will post a message to a Slack channel every time it is triggered.