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Try a new way to develop and host your PHP, NodeJS, Ruby and Python apps

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  • Instant url for every branch
  • Multiple apps & stacks
  • Git-driven infrastructure
  • Robust production

What's included in the free trial?

30 free days

Plenty of time to kick the tires and test out how can streamline your development processes. And you can decide at any time to go for a production plan and get a live site in a minute.

3 development environments

Spin up, merge, and tear down in just moments as many times as you need to utilize these environments for development tasks or QA testing. And you get an extra Master environment for your future production site.

5GB storage per environment and unlimited services

Plenty of space for personal or development projects. Add a MySQL instance or two, a PostGres and a Redis, or maybe a bit of search with Elastic Search or Solr.

1 user

First user is included, only pay for extra users if you need them. Add or remove users to specific projects or branches with the access control that you need.

Super human support

Submit tickets, email, or contact us in a live chat to help answer your questions and address any blockers that you come across.

Upgrade anytime

Start out small and upgrade as you need, quickly and easily (for extra resources or a production plan you can always add your credit card number, and be live in minutes).

(Coffee not included)

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There’s just one way to find out how much time can help you save on your development process.