E02 Gatsby & headless CMS, including Strapi, Drupal, and Oracle Content & Experience


Fri, 10 Apr, 2020


18:00 CEST /

Hosted by

Robert Douglass
Robert Douglass
Chief DevRel Officer
Chad Carlson
Chad Carlson
Manager, Developer Relations

Why on earth would you want to start working with a “headless” CMS, and what does that even mean? What’s the difference between a site generator, like Gatsby, and a traditional CMS? Is it really easier and faster than using a monolithic system like Wordpress? And, how does an old dog like Drupal keep up with all these new tricks?

In this Q&A session, we chat with three of the top experts in the field of headless CMS.

Additional Presenters

  • Dustin Schau: Head of Product at Gatsby
  • Preston So: Senior Director, Product Strategy at Oracle
  • Pierre Burgy: Co-founder & CEO of Strapi

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