Beginner Probot: building and hosting GitHub Apps on


March, 2020

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Chad Carlson
Chad Carlson
Manager, Developer Relations

Chances are, you’re already familiar with and using a number of GitHub Apps on your repositories’ CI/CD pipelines. Have you ever considered creating an app of your own? Whether you want to create a simple app for your specific site’s needs or move on to a full-fledged production app offered in the GitHub Marketplace, getting started has its own learning curve.

At, we maintain a template GitHub App using Probot that will get you registered and deployed in minutes, so you can get on your way to developing an app to fit your exact needs.

  • GitHub App basics. What they are, and what they do
  • GitHub API. What endpoints your apps can control on repositories and organizations
  • Probot basics. How to use it to quickly develop GitHub Apps
  • Creating apps from manifest files with Probot; setting permissions and app configuration
  • GitHub registration. What GitHub needs, and when
  • Deploying on; completing registration to fully prepare your app
  • Branching. Customizing your Probot app on a development environment, and testing your changes on a separately registered GitHub App before merging

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