Architecting cloud computing solutions with Java


March, 2020

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Otavio Santana
Otavio Santana
Developer Relations

Cloud-native has become a big buzzword around the world. But what does it mean? What advantages does it bring to your application and to your life as a software developer or architect? What’s new in the Java world, and what are the steps to follow for a native cloud app? In this webinar you’ll learn how to create or move your Java app to the cloud quickly.

Join this webinar to learn how to either create or move your Java application quickly to the cloud age.

  • Cloud computing concepts
  • Cloud-native concepts
  • Anatomy of cloud systems
  • Eclipse MicroProfile
  • Jakarta EE
  • The Twelve-Factor App
  • Java specifications
  • How to launch a Java application to the cloud quickly
  • A live demo about Jakarta EE with MongoDB and how to publish it to the cloud
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